Custom Creations, Professional Results

What makes our graphics the best? We specialize in custom designed wraps, graphics, signs and more that capture the essence of your company, ensuring every design is a journey towards success.

 Premier Vehicle Wrap & Design Services | TSG Graphics | Milaca, MN

Elevate Your Brand with our Custom Designs

Our custom wraps, signs, and graphics are made for exclusively for you, ensuring your message travels far and wide. Let’s team up to create visuals that are as smart and professional as your business.


TSG Graphics in Milaca, MN, creates apparel that brings your brand to life, no matter if you're a business, a team, or an individual.


Choose TSG Graphics for banners that come in versatile sizes that effectively convey your message, whether for a business promotion or a team event.

Boat Wraps

Our custom-designed boat wraps are created just for you, whether you're a tournament angler needing to effectively display your sponsor's brand or a weekend enthusiast who's looking for some added style, we've got you covered!

Branding Design

We'll design it right the first time. our design service is all about creating brands that speak for you. Whether it's for a bold business brand or a personal statement, we've got you covered.

Business Signs

Elevate your business presence with TSG Graphics' signs - expertly designed to showcase your brand and make a bold statement that draws customers in.

Business Wraps

Turn your vehicle or fleet into moving billboards with TSG Graphics. We create eye-catching designs that get your business noticed everywhere you go.


TSG Graphics creates vibrant, versatile decals perfect for small businesses looking to label supplies, adorn windows, or boost promotions.

Interior Graphics/ Window Graphics

We help you take your business's brand to the next level. With our custom interior and window graphics, your company's culture and mission come alive, captivating everyone who walks in.

Motorsports & Powersports

Choose TSG Graphics for wraps that add a professional edge to your motorsport and powersport vehicles, crafted for performance and style.

Personal/ Cosmetic Wraps

Make your vehicle a reflection of you. Our wraps at TSG Graphics bring your style to the streets.

Skidsteer & Loader Wraps

Wrap your skidsteers and loaders with TSG Graphics to maintain a sleek, professional look that doubles as a moving advertisement for your business.

Snowmobile Wraps

Join TSG Graphics for snowmobile wraps that bring a fresh, exciting look to your winter rides, crafted just for enthusiasts like you.

UTV Wraps

Let TSG Graphics transform your off-road vehicles with wraps that tell your story and withstand the journey.